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Why you should not let opportunity to buy Cashback Marketing Units sold with YEM's (CBMTs) go?


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CBMTs are tokens hosted in Etherium blockchain that give their holders right to market their businesses within Unicorn Network and beyond through its business partners or to use their units to generate commissions paid in YEM's.

There are only 1 million Cashback Marketing Units/tokens available half of which are sold with USD (CMBD) and the remaining half is sold in Twinkles (CBMT). The CBMT units will be sold out soon due to the benefits you get when you hold them as explained below:

Currently, one unit of Cashback Marketing unit costs USD 30. The current value of YEM is USD 0.01 per YEM hence one unit bought with YEM's will cost you 3,000 YEM's. YEM's can be bought at Cryptocoinstreet.

Once you buy CBMTs, they will be credited to your Personal Marketing Pool (PMP) account. When they are located there at PMP, they are eligible to earn daily cashback of 0.13% for 365 days plus a bonus of 2%. This means each cashback marketing unit (CBMT) located at PMP will earn the maximum of 1,500 YEM's (50%).

When you move the unit out of PMP, it stops earning daily cashback and starts to be used depending on where you have placed it.

If you use it to market your business using CBM marketing instruments, it will be consumed this way to market your business. There is advantage here because you can arrange with CBM to get budget back guarantee if you use at least 100 CBMTs to market your business. This means your units will not be consumed until they produced agreed results in marketing your business. You don’t get this kind of deal elsewhere. It is only available with CBM Inc.

YEM will be increasing in value with increase in demand for YEM which will be created within SafeZone where products and services are sold with YEM and you will get discount if you buy using YEM's. CBM is one of the product available in SafeZone. Other products currently available where you can buy with YEM discount are Solario, SafeZone products, EEBOOX, TWNKLBIDS TWNKLESTATE etc which you can see them in Campaign box once you login We Share Success website. Soon we expect many more products/services to be added where they can be bought with YEM discount.

As YEM increases in value, your CBMTs will also increase in value and hence enable you to have greater budget for your marketing campaigns with CBM Inc. This is the advantage of holding CBMT compared to CBMD.

If you use your CBMTs to generate commissions, you will then place them in Special Marketing Pool (SMP). When you place your units there, it means you give those units to CBM Inc. so that they can use them to market Unicorn Network online and offline businesses as well as businesses that enter into business partnership with SafeZone (Like Solario) so that they can be promoted with We Share Success Inc.

The contract for placing your CBMTs in SMP lasts for 180 days where you can earn commission of up to twice as much the value of your units placed in SMP. Let us say you have placed one unit (3,000 YEM's) in SMP. You will earn up to 6,000 YEM in commission within 180 days. If there is no sales done out of market campaign promoted by CBMTs, then there will be no commission paid during that contract period but you get a guarantee that your CBMTs used for such campaigns will not expire until they generate commission for you. This is the beauty of using CBM Inc. as a means of generating commissions because your units will not be used until they generate commissions for you.

You can cash out your commissions by transferring YEM's you earn as commissions to Cryptocoinstreet and sale them there to get USD or Bitcoin. You can convert your USD into other fiat currencies like EUR, etc.

For those who have YEM's already, you hardly can get a better way of using your YEM's than this way of purchasing CBMTs because your YEM's are still retained like you have put them in your PerNum wallet but in addition to retaining them, they give you opportunity to earn commission in YEM's after every 180 days. The YEM's you earn as commissions and those used to generate commissions will be increasing in value as YEM increases in value. For example, it is a no-brainer for YEM value to reach at least $100 three years from now due to the global nature of currency uses, the security and safety afforded within SafeZone, the opportunity to generate affiliate commissions 5 generations deep availed with We Share Success Inc. and the protection of the value of YEM afforded by Rainbow Currency Foundation (currently, YEM value can’t go below $0.01).

If you buy one unit of CBMT today that cost you 3,000 YEM's (USD 30) then by the time YEM reaches a value of $100 per YEM, your unit will be worth USD 300,000.

Take action now buy buying CBMTs before they are gone because with these utilities, they will soon be sold out and the only place you can buy them will be in CBM token market provided there are holders who are willing to sell their units. Needless to say that there hardly can be holders who would like to sell theirs given the benefits you get when you hold them as explained above so act now to buy yours before it is too late.


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It is free to join our powerful affiliate program and you receive a lifetime commission on every sale to customers who have been invited by you. On top of that, you will receive a bonus for their affiliate activity as well. Cash out your balance at your convenience or use it for additional marketing power.



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3. How this free program works?

Share your invitation links to invite others to join Cashback Marketing.

Every time you sell Marketing Units, you earn a 20% commission.

4. Once a customer signed up through one of you invitation links, this customer is locked and you will receive 20% commission on every future order of this customer.

5. How to get Cashback?

All Marketing Units parked in the Global Marketing Pool can collect up to 50% Cashback guaranteed.

0,13% per day for up to 365 days + 2 % bonus.

Global Marketing Pool is an advertising portal that offers businesses more value for their marketin budget and daily cashback on their unused budget.

6. Budget Back Guarantee.

Be on the safe side when you market your business using our Budget Back Guarantee. Simply plan your campaign with one of our marketing experts for a risk-free marketing experience. Read more

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