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International Vacation Club (IVC)

As an IVC member you will have the benefit of second-to-none deeply discounted hotel rooms. And you will pay for Twnkl Vacation Coin or TVC and It's Launched - Read more here (our TWNKLBUY).


Imagine up to 99% discount on hotel rooms; and once more, you pay with cryptocurrency (TVC). The same procedure here (as with TEC and TMC), the TVC will be available only at CCS, and only versus YEM after relaunch.

TVC is for things vacation related (Hotels, flights, booking of vacations, cruises, etc). And that there are some crossovers that are going to happen with all these coins: For example, you might book a vacation and pay for your flight with the TVC, even though you flight is a mobility thing. Or there might be vacation properties in TwnklEstate that you pay with TEC. For example, if you purchased F.O.R. in a vacation property, one of the benefits would be that you would receive free stays at that particular property. That is still vacation related but it will be using the TwnklEstate model.

Our coins are:

YEM (Your Everyday Money)

CBMT (Cash Back Marketing Twnkl)

SOLR (Solar Energy Revolution)

TVC (Twnkl Vacation Coin - Twnkl Vacation Club)

TMC (Twnkl Mobility Coin - Twnkl Mobility Club)

TEC (Twnkl Estate Coin)