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  • Solar Energy Revolution - Tips

Voucher for 100Kwh is now only US$1.20!

SOLARIO is one of the pacemakers for the so called '3rd Industrial Revolution'. Turning every house, every car, and many other devices into Micro Power Plants, and at the same time, lowering the cost for energy dramatically.

THE SOLARIO TOKEN (SOLR) The Solario Token (SOLR) is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Only 50 million tokens are available. During Phase 3 of our crowdfunding campaign, 700,000 SOLR tokens are offered at US$1.20 per token. Each token is a voucher for 100 kWh of 100% clean energy, to be delivered after Jan 1, 2022 through decentralized Solario Micro Power Grids. For those who are not interested in receiving energy, the Solario Marketplace will allow them to sell their tokens at the current rate.

JOIN https://solario.website/cp4/1000040474

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