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FREE Solar Panel System + Installation!

Solar Energy Revolutions is here giving your change to world with 100% clean, renewable energy all around the world. Imagine a world where energy is available when you need it where you need it, without polluting our beautiful planet. This is your chance to make a difference - support the Solar Energy Revolution! We give your change! SOLARIO is one of the pacemakers for the so called '3rd Industrial Revolution'. Turning every house, every car, and many other devices into Micro Power Plants, and at the same time, lowering the cost for energy dramatically. Join our movement now and we are able to install Micro Power Grids in every country, every city, every neighborhood. Together we can change the world! SOLAR ENERGY REVOLUTIONS Doing Business the Right Way

JOIN THE SOLAR ENERGY REVOLUTION SOLARIO is disrupting the global energy industry by combining a patented, 3.8 times more efficient solar technology with the power of blockchain technology. As a result, we are able to deliver clean energy 24/7 to any place in the world at a price so low that it feels like free energy. PATENTED SOLAR TECHNOLOGY + BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY IS SOLAR ENERGY REVOLUTION The SOLARIO Technology is combining classic photovoltaic (PV) processes with other energy-producing technologies. As a result, the efficiency of our technology is about 3.8 times higher than the average PV system. A patent has been granted by the European Patent Office (Patent EP 2606512) for this technology in 2014. In short words, the SOLARIO Technology solves the three biggest problems of photovoltaic systems: #1 PV systems produce electricity only when the sun is shining #2 PV systems use only a small part of the solar energy #3 Due to the heat of solar energy, PV systems produce less electricity The SOLARIO Technology is delivering electricity 24/7, because it is converting not only light, but also heat into electricity. Thanks to latent heat storage systems, electricity is produced and provided around the clock. In detail, the SOLARIO Technology is a hybrid system for the generation of electricity from solar energy. It is combining classic PV technology, Peltier elements, thermoelectric modules, and latent heat storage systems. As a result, our technology is about 3.8 times more efficient than regular PV systems. This high efficiency rate has been scientifically proven by the renowned Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design in Germany. Read more https://www.solarenergyrevolutions.com or

How To Install Solar Panels - DIY

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