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ACTIVE COMMISSIONS: Active Commissions are collected when a new or existing member makes a purchase after clicking your referral link. 

CAMPAIGNS: A Campaign is where a certain product or service is offered through affiliate promotions in WSS.

WSS is our official affiliate central and you find it here We Share Success

FAMILY BONUS: Whenever someone in your Generations 1-5 is receiving a commission, you receive 10% value of that commission as a Family Bonus.

FIRST GENERATION These are the people directly invited by you who join using your invitation link.

GENERATIONS: Generations are 5 levels of invited members linked together by those who invite them.

GLOBAL SUCCESS POOL: The Global Success Pool (GSP) is a once per year shared bonus with top affiliates based on Family Bonuses collected during the year. 

INVITATION LINK: Your way to invite new members to join for free. Example 


PASSIVE COMMISSIONS: Passive Commissions are collected when members of your First Generation make a purchase.

PERSONAL SUCCESS POOL: The Personal Success Pool (PSP) is a reward system based on your personal affiliate activity; commissions you receive unlock various levels automatically.

REFERRAL LINK: Referral links are to promote a Campaign offered through WSS.

REWARDS: Cool things you receive as a member of WSS and the SafeZone for using our network and participating partner services.

SAFEZONE: The open network focused on maximum privacy, security, and quality where WSS is the official Affiliate Central. 

YEM: The tradable unit of Rainbow Currency, a cryptocurrency designed to be your everyday money.

WEBINARS: Information about new and existing business campaigns are shared in Webinars; remember to check that section often.

CASHOUT: Commissions and bonuses are available after a brief 30-day hold time.      

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