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The Rainbow Currency is different - it has been created by more than 3,200 Internet users from 157 different countries. For the first time ever, a cryptocurrency is launched by the people for the people, controlled and represented by a global non-profit foundation. This is your chance to join the movement.

The Rainbow Currency is globally accepted by many online shops as well as local points of sale (POS). Skip the bank and credit card fees, turn your mobile phone into an ATM, and make your payments with maximum privacy and security.


The Rainbow Currency is different – instead of creating an energy-wasting, centralized “mining” industry, SafeZone and Unicorn Network reward all network members for easy-to-fulfill everyday activities. Fun activities such as prize draws, voting for your favorites, liking content and more!

On top of that, the SafeZone is running 3 different airdrop campaigns to reach out to their different target groups: consumers, businesses, and creative artists. They make it easy for you to begin using Rainbow Currency as Your Everyday Money (YEM).


The Rainbow Currency is being accepted for all of your needs at a growing number of online and local businesses, thus earning it the name - Your Everyday Money (YEM).

The unique 2-wallet system through the SafeZone open network gives you the safety and security you need along with the simplicity you desire.

Join the Millions who are now choosing the Rainbow Currency difference!


The Rainbow Currency is different – it has been created to solve the challenges other cryptocurrencies face. Thanks to a unique 2-wallet solution in partnership with Unicorn Network, Inc., the whole currency is always fully transparent, decentralized, and safe in the blockchain, while everyday payments for shopping and services can be made online and at POS fast, secure, and without fees within the SafeZone open network.

To be qualified for online and local payments within the SafeZone open network, the currency holder must go through a verification process to identify themselves, while only accredited business partners are allowed to receive these payments. Thus, the SafeZone open network makes it difficult and uncomfortable to participate for the bad guys; yet at the same time easy, quick, private, and secure for good, honest people everywhere. Put a YEM in your wallet today!

Rainbow Currency Foundation

The Board of Directors has been elected by the Rainbow Currency holders in Q1/2018 for the term of 2 years. Next election Q1/2020.

The Board's mission is to build the coin of Rainbow Currency, the YEM, into an internationally recognized form of exchange and monetary system that will become a household name and a leading component in the Crypto-currency world.



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Rainbow Currency

is the cryptocurrency used in SafeZone Open Network where online and offline businesses owned by a global member driven network in the name of Unicorn Network based in Las Vegas and other online and offline businesses that joined SafeZone Open Network for the purpose of promoting and selling their businesses to SafeZone members scattered across the globe are connected in TwinklChain System.

SafeZone members can buy products/services offered in SafeZone either by paying with USD or with YEM's. They are paid affiliate commissions and family bonuses 5 generations deep when their invitees buy products/services within SafeZone Open Network.

The current value of YEM (05/04/2019) used in SafeZone for the purpose of buying or selling products/services is $0.01. This is also the minimum price for the purpose of trading YEM within TwnklChain System. Your wallet is Pernum Wallet

Holding part of your wealth in YEM's right now is a huge opportunity that will be written in stone as the cryptocurrency world maneuvers its way in the modern financial world due to the following reasons:

First, Rainbow Currency is probably the only cryptocurrency out there right now that has the features desirable for any real currency. Below are some of its features:

It is a private cryptocurrency that can be used only after you have identified yourself through Proof of Identity and Proof of Residence. This feature shies away fraudsters, money launders and all the bad guys out there from using it.

It is the cryptocurrency whose minimum value is controlled by Rainbow Currency Foundation in order to protect the value of the currency and hence increase its appeal as an instrument for store of value. This feature insulate Rainbow Currency from the wild fluctuation in value experienced by all cryptocurrencies out there which make them worthless as medium of exchange and store of value.

It is more Secure:

TwnklChain has all the security features of modern blockchain technology. It is impossible to manipulate transactions, and it is impossible to create additional coins, once a currency is created.

It is more Private:

A big drawback of public blockchains is that everybody can see every detail of every transaction as well as every balance of every wallet. It is like posting your bank statements on Facebook. With TwnklChain, nobody but you can see your balances, and nobody can retrieve any personal data from transactions.

It is more transparent:

TwnklChain is fully transparent. Every interested person can check at any time the total supply of coins as well as the ledger of all transactions. For each transaction, there will be the transaction ID, the hash, the timestamp, the amount, the value, and the status displayed.

It is faster:

Public blockchains suffer from very long transaction times, literally making instant payments impossible. With TwnklChain we are set up for processing thousands of payments per second, which adds up to more than 100 million transactions per day.

It is cheaper:

Especially in busy times, not only transaction times, but transaction fees explode on public blockchains. How does it make sense to pay $50 fee to pay for a $5 coffee? With TwnklChain, there is a fair and low fee for transactions: 0.1% per transaction with a minimum fee of 0.001 YEM and a maximum fee of 1,000 YEM. Paying $5 for a coffee with TWNKL is a tiny fee of a half (0.5) U.S. Cent in value.

It is 100% Legal:

The TwnklChain is legal in every aspect, and it is prepared for the future. For example, Governments might establish a transaction tax or other forms of fees. On top of that, we already fulfill all requirements for being an official substitute currency for Euros. Every currency holder needs to go through an identification process, which is a nightmare for all the bad guys, because they love the anonymity of public blockchains.

It is more convenient: Making payments with TwnklChain is convenient and easy. The PerNumPay App just needs the amount and the PerNums of sender and receiver, all secured by your random One-time PIN. Our payments are faster than any other form of payment with comparable security features.

It is a cryptocurrency that you can use as it is to buy variety of products/services currently available within SafeZone Open Network and many more that will join the network as we go along with this BIGGEST PROJECT in the world. Currently, you can use your YEM's to buy:

CashBack Marketing units which you can use either for the purpose of marketing your businesses within SafeZone Open Network which are the only marketing units in the world that afford you a budget back guarantee should your budget fail to produce agreed results or you can use them to generate commission for you by giving your units to Cashback Marketing Ltd which is a sister company of Unicorn Network so that it uses them to market Unicorn Network and its business partners’ businesses and in return, pay you commission of up to twice the value of your units within 180 days.

Various products and services sold at Twnklbds where you can buy or sale products/services exclusively with YEM's through bidding/asking process.

Electronic Books

One Free Ebook every week from EEBOOX.COM

EEBOOX is your place for valuable ebooks on the internet within the SafeZone open network!

EEBOOX offers a wide selection of valuable ebooks and articles on a huge variety of topics. Cooking, Health & Wellness, Hobbies, Marketing, Money, and Sports are just some of the topics you'll find on EEBOOX.

EEBOOX specializes in non-fiction books written to help you in various aspects of your life from relationships, pet care, parenting, healthly living, DIY (Do-it-Yourself), business, and many other helpful how-to guides, articles, and valuable full length ebooks.

What do you want to read today?

And many other products/services that will be added sooner or later, the earlier ones will include vacation deals and real estate where you can buy real estate worldwide either alone or in pool.

Second, Rainbow currency allows you to get YEM discount if you buy products/services within SafeZone Open Network with it compared to buying with USD. This will make it more economical to buy YEM's in the market (Currently you can buy them outside Rainbow Currency private network (TwnklChain System) but starting from 15th August 2018, the only place you can buy them is within TwnklChain System at Cryptocoinstreet) if you don’t have them and then use them to buy products/services within SafeZone Open Network so that you can get YEM discount and hence increase your value. This economic force will increase YEM demand as many people want to buy YEM's to get YEM discount and reduce YEM Supply as many YEM Holders want to hold their YEM's so that they can use them to buy products/services within SafeZone Open Network in order to get YEM discount. These two economic forces of demand and supply will work to increase the price of Twinkle in the market.

Third, due to the fact that YEM minimum price is controlled by Rainbow Currency Foundation coupled with the fact that it is a natural choice for buying products/services within SafeZone Open Network so that you can get discount, Rainbow Currency is going to be the first cryptocurrency in the world whose value will only be rising up and up with no circumstances where it will fall down within an economy to which it is used (SafeZone Open Network).

It is obvious from the above facts that YEM has high probability of having a value of not less than $100 within 3 to 5 years.

Take action now to sale part of your wealth so that you diversify your portfolio and invest in buying YEM's and watch your wealth grows as we move along with BIGGEST PROJECT in the world.

Rainbow Currency is officially traded at:



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