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TMC is for everything mobility related, all kinds of mobility (cars, trains, buses, planes, boats). Do understand that the main focus to start is cars. And remember Unicorn Network is working on a car sharing model for those who live in a city or a small town where you don’t need to travel very far to get to where you want or you don’t frequently need a car and you want to avoid all the maintenance, and the other stuff you have to think about. When you just need one you can use occasionally, Unicorn Network is working on a way where you can have that freedom and flexibility by renting a vehicle and sharing one in a local group.

We will have the first car from an official car dealer at auction next Monday. It will be a Hyundai, and it will be listed at TwnklBds, our auctions platform, with a minimum bid of just 1 YEM. The car is located in Germany, so if you are the winner you will need to pick it up in Germany or arrange and pay for any transport, just to let you know.

And this first car is just the beginning. We are already preparing the next deal, the Twnkl Mobility Club, where members will be able to buy a new car to their liking at highly discounted rates with our brand new Twnkl Mobility Coin or TMC. Exactly like TEC, the Twnkl Estate Coin, you will be able to buy TMC for YEM only, and of course, TMC will be listed at the new CCS after relaunch.

For those of you who don’t want to own a whole car, we will have a blockchain-based car-sharing model, preferably with electric cars. We are even negotiating with an electro bus company about adding public transportation in selected areas to our portfolio.

And all that can be paid for with TMC; one of our group of cryptocurrencies as we need to say now.



Our coins are:

YEM (Your Everyday Money)

CBMT (Cash Back Marketing Twnkl)

SOLR (Solar Energy Revolution)

TVC (Twnkl Vacation Coin - Twnkl Vacation Club)

TMC (Twnkl Mobility Coin - Twnkl Mobility Club)

TEC (Twnkl Estate Coin)